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11/09/2022 19:29

The sexiest female player on the planet promises to “undress” if Juve defeats Barca

In the middle of next week, Juventus will have a match against Barcelona in the Champions League. And taking advantage of this occasion, the beautiful Valentina Vignali spoke up.

Valentina Vignali, known as the sexiest female basketball player in the world, is an avid Juventus fan. She hopes Juventus club will beat Barca in the middle of next week.

Valentina Vignali was named the sexiest female basketball player in the world

Valentina Vignali was born on May 30, 1991 in Rimini, Italy. She owns a height of 1m83, playing as a midfielder for the very famous 1932 Lazio Pallacanestro club in the boot-shaped country.


 Valentina Vignali
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