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12/09/2022 10:40

The hottest female surfers on the planet

Surfing is known as a sport that attracts many beautiful female athletes and here are 10 typical faces of these.

10. Sage Erickson (1990)

Sage Erickson is one of America’s most promising surfers. The beauty born in 1990 has had 3 years of participation in ASP (Professional Surfing Association). In most competitions, Sage Erickson not only impresses with her talent but also attracts all attention with her beautiful appearance. In real life, she is also commented by many people as friendly, approachable and especially humble.

9. Quincy Davis (1995)

Although only 21 years old, but Quincy Davis has been known to many fans of surfing. The New York-born girl started getting used to the waves when she was only 7 years old. Up to this point, Quincy has owned 3 championships at Corona professional surfing tournament in 2009, 2010 and 2015. The sexy but equally strong beauty of the beauty is highly appreciated by fans.

8. Laura Enever (1991)

Laura Enever is an Australian female surfer. She started surfing professionally in 2011 and is currently ranked 10th in the list of the world’s best female athletes of this subject. In addition to windsurfing, Laura Enever also appears quite often in leading magazines. This is also understandable when the beauty born in 1991 possesses a perfect body and appearance.

7. Coco Ho (1991)

At the age of 25, Coco Ho, an American professional female surfer, has won up to 25 major and minor titles. Coco Ho’s whole family has a tradition of pursuing this sport and that’s why she got acquainted with the waves when she was only 7 years old. With a beautiful face and friendly personality, Coco Ho is honored to be in the top 3 most favorite athletes voted by Surfer Poll magazine.

6. Stephanie Gilmore (1988)

At the age of 28, Stephanie Gilmore is considered one of the greatest surfers of all time. The girl born and raised in Australia has owned 6 world championships in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014. With a pretty face and a healthy, balanced body, Stephanie is one of rare beauties of the land of kangaroos.

5. Maya Gabeira (1987)

Maya Gabeira is the most famous female surfer in Brazil. In 2009, she was honored to receive the ESPY award for the best female athlete in the world by ESPN sports channel. Maya’s most remarkable achievement is that she conquered a 14m high wave in a contest in South Africa. However, in 2013, the beauty of Samba had an unfortunate accident during a surfing competition in Portugal. She almost drowned if it wasn’t for her teammate Carlos Burle to save her. Currently, Maya Gabeira still participates in competitions as well as models for famous magazines.

4. Malia Manuel (1993)

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Hawaii, Malia Manuel soon got used to the waves. She is the youngest female athlete ever to win the US Open championship when she was crowned at this competition in 2008 at the age of 14. In addition to conquering the waves, Malia Manuel also represents many brands such as : O’Neill clothes, Von Zipper glasses, Sanuk shoes or Mayhem surfboards.

3. Alana Blanchard (1990)

Kieu female born in 1990 is one of the outstanding surfers in both talent and beauty in the American sports village. Born in Hawaii, Alana got acquainted with surfing at a young age and quickly showed a passion and gift for taming the waves. This beautiful girl has won the Hawaii state wave championship and the world bronze medal.

Beautiful, healthy, active and full of life, the 22-year-old beauty converges the essentials of a bikini model for Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine. Alana is also very excited to have the opportunity to stand in the long-legged ranks of SI’s eyes.

2. Kelia Moniz (1993)

The American female athlete is ranked among the top beauties of the world surfing village. Raised in a family with a tradition of competing at sea, this 23-year-old beauty has achieved initial success in surfing. Not only competing, the girl with an attractive body from Hawaii is also a famous model.

1. Carissa Moore (1992)

The most complete talent of the current world surfing village is probably none other than the name Carissa Moore. The 23-year-old girl born and raised in Hawaii has owned 11 NSSA titles including 3 WSL World Tour championships, 6 ASP World Tour championships and 2 ASP WQS crowns. She was honored as Woman of the Year by Glamor magazine in 2013. In addition to her impressive achievements, Carissa Moore

 Sage Erickson, Stephanie Gilmore
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