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17/09/2022 10:10

The Dutch female player caused a fever because she was as beautiful as Miss

Although he did not win the World Cup when he lost to the US team, defender Anouk Hoogendijk still left a beautiful impression in the eyes of fans with his extremely attractive beauty.


Anouk Hoogendijk was unable to lift the 2019 World Cup trophy with the Netherlands when he lost 0-2 to the US in the final.

This year is 33 years old and has not shown much at this year’s tournament, Anouk is still a strong spiritual support for the juniors in the Netherlands. She only played in the last 10 minutes of the final final.

However, the beauty of this defender has still left a very special impression in the eyes of world football fans. Anouk is considered one of the sexiest female players this year.

This beauty playing for Ajax has a “deadly” curve, she often appears in major beauty magazines like RTL Nieuws.

Thanks to her good-looking face, this female defender is very expensive in advertising, especially for equipment and sportswear brands.

This beautiful female player once caused a fever when she was at Arsenal. Anouk is so charming that the famous striker Podolski has “solicited” her.

On Twitter, striker Lukas Podolski sent Hoogendijk a message: “Welcome to Arsenal, you are so charming, I hope to invite you to dinner, Anouk!”.

 Anouk Hoogendijk, Podolski
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