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13/09/2022 12:40

Sports beauties sell “hot photos”, socks make a lot of money

From a regular sports player, the beautiful cast has become rich quickly since switching to posting hot photos on the “hot web” site.

Female football player Madelene Wright is rich

Former Charlton footballer Madelene Wright revealed to SunSport that signing up on a popular hot site changed her life after earning £500,000 a year by sharing “hotshots”. . The 23-year-old receives £27 per person for every piece of content she posts to a page with 23,000 likes.
“In my first year I made half a million pounds. I can’t lie, it completely changed my life. I was able to take my own time, I was able to travel the world. and enjoy a lot of luxuries,” the female player shared.

Paige VanZant, talented martial arts beauty

VanZant said she earns a lot more money from the “hot web” than during the time fighting on the UFC floor. The 28-year-old says she charges £9.99 a month per member and the amount is multiplied by her website having more than 1.5 million followers.

The female boxer is currently competing at the Bare Hand Boxing event, she revealed her contract with the event is more than her total earnings fighting in the UFC but still not equal to the money she earns from the website.

Renee Gracie, the beauty gave up racing to come to a new passion

Like her colleagues, the Australian female racing driver also affirmed that the “hot web” changed her life. She called giving up racing in 2019 “the most sensible decision I’ve made”. The site has more than 505,000 followers bringing the beauty £5 million since its founding.

Alysha Newman, a pole vaulting beauty becomes a “hot photo angel”

According to TotalSportal, Canadian athlete Alysha Newman earns up to £850,000 a year from her website. The 27-year-old has more than 20,000 likes on her account at the hot site, with a subscription cost of £16 a month.

Pearl Gonzalez, a female martial artist known for her rebellious style

Leading the bikini movement to the martial arts arena, 36-year-old Pearl Gonzalez is still the most popular star. Gonzalez has 278,000 followers on Instagram.

She is said to earn £500,000 a year selling content on her site. The fan subscription costs £7.99 per month and her page has 79,000 followers.

Liz Cambage, the “giant” beauty of basketball

Up to 2m03 tall, Liz Cambage is said to be a “giant”, but this girl has a beautiful face, and attractive body. She successfully founded her own website, which now has 43,000 followers.

According to TotalSportal, the female athlete collects £8/account and earns £1m/year.

Erica Fontaine, a gymnast loved by thousands of people

Beautiful, graceful, Fontaine’s photos bring a lot of value to fans. She currently has 81,000 page followers and earns £300,000 a year.

 Former Charlton, VanZant
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