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04/10/2022 12:24

See the irresistible charm of the ex-wife of AC Milan star

Melissa Satta has a fiery body and this is the reason why she makes Kevin Boateng go downhill because of sex.

Melissa Satta is a famous model and TV presenter in Italy.
Melissa Satta married Kevin Prince Boateng in 2011, they have 1 child together.
Melissa Satta possesses a seductive, fiery appearance.
Boateng and Melissa loved each other for nearly 10 years before breaking up in 2020.
Melissa Satta was seen as the cause of Boateng’s career in decline.
She did not hesitate to show off her achievements when affirming that she and her ex-husband enjoyed “sex”.
Melissa Satta wishes her ex-husband’s career flourish.
 Melissa Satta
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