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07/10/2022 12:40

See the hottest model and golfer in the world

Bil Teresi is a model, but she decided to switch to golf practice by chance.

Bri Teresi was born in 1994 in California, USA. She is called the hottest beauty in the golf world by the media.

She is a famous model in her hometown and is associated with a sexy image. Bri Teresi started her modeling career in 2015.
Bri Teresi is not afraid to show off her sexy curves on social networks.
Her personal Instagram page attracts more than 1.3 million followers. She has appeared on the cover of some famous magazines such as FHM, GQ, Maxim.
Bri Teresi was not originally a golfer, but she switched to practicing this subject by accident.
More than 2 years ago, Teresi agreed to do a photo shoot at the golf course as a model. After that, she suddenly realized that she had a strange passion for golf and determined to practice. In addition, Teresi also found that sports images help her get more attention
However, the young girl also had a lot of trouble because of the problem of choosing clothes. She was criticized for her overly glamorous outfits on the golf course.
Bri Teresi doesn’t mind criticism. She thinks she has the right to dress sexy even when competing in sports. Bri Teresi is also known as a campaigner for the feminist movement.
Although associated with a sexy image, she always asserts that she is a model of a highly educated woman. She wanted to show that women can do things the way they want.
 Bil Teresi
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