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09/11/2022 11:59

Man City: Spend money to… make money

In the past 10 years, public opinion about Man City has always been fixed in perspective, that Man City is a rich man, a young man who spends money to buy titles. But Man City’s latest financial report brings a lot of information that startled the crowd.

Man City spent billions of pounds to upgrade and change the squad, but it turns out, thanks to a decade of methodical, drastic and focused investment, Man City is becoming a football business unit. independence”.

Total revenue for the fiscal year 2021 is £613 million according to the latest figures (higher than Man United’s £583 million), an increase of £43.21 million on the same period in 2020. After deducting all expenses, Man City still made a profit of £ 41.7 million – almost enough for them to own the signature of Erling Haaland. This is a record profit after 10 years of making football of the Mansour family, although not much, but still “a lot” if you look at the picture of football investment around the world.

Breaking down the other £613 million in total revenue, up to 309.4 million were earned from trade sponsorship deals, up 14% compared to 2020 thanks to the participation of 12 brands and brands “completely new”, cooperated with Man City for the first time. The crux of the story lies in this: Man City has turned out to be a major football franchise even though they have only entered the elite group for about 10 years, when commercial revenue accounted for 50% of total revenue.

It is not without reason that Brand Finance valuation & consulting group ranks Man City as the second largest football brand globally, behind only Real Madrid. The previous record of commercial exploitation in the UK belonging to MU was only £ 279 million in 2019. Simply and understandable, Man City is a brand that has been given trust in the eyes of brands around the world despite its age. Their sport is still very small.

The British once had a classic sentence, that if someone wants to become a millionaire, the easiest way is to become a billionaire, go buy an English football club and your pocket will automatically decrease making you a millionaire. Football business is a transparent investment but many financial risks. Therefore, if you ignore the geopolitical factors in football investment, the case of the Mansour family investing in Man City is often prejudiced as “burning money”.

It’s just, financial statements never lie. The fact that Man City started to make money thanks to football is real. “Six Premier League titles in 10 years, accompanied by a dedicated football philosophy that makes Man City the first choice of corporations when the promotional budget is approved every year,” said chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak confidently. To share. Man City brings joy to fans, brings excitement in neutral fans and brings a classy, ​​luxurious and seductive promotional image to customers.

More than a billion pounds have been poured into the transfer market to turn Man City into an “empire”, an empire in which football is the input, achievement is the result and profit is the output. 10 years of spending money of Arab owners, finally, the day has come… to make money.

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