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21/11/2022 11:11

Fascinated by the sexiest athlete in the world

Professional basketball player Valentina Vignali has an enviable beauty.

Famous as a professional basketball player, Valentina Vignali plays for the Lazio Pallacanestro 1932 team in Italy. Not only possessing an admirable height of 1m83, she is also attracted by her beautiful face and sexy fashion sense.

In the “boot-shaped” country, Valentina also works as a model, host and has nearly half a million followers on Instagram. The American female born in 1991 often appears on the catwalk as a vedette of the show. She also participated as a photo model for famous magazines.

Recently, the beauty encountered a rare incident of slipping off her swimsuit while recording live. Soon, she had a quick fix.

 Valentina Vignali
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