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16/11/2022 12:52

“Doll” Sharapova after giving birth as beautiful as a supermodel, Bouchard admits to “getting old”

After giving birth Maria Sharapova has regained her lovely figure, tennis player Bouchard admits she is getting “older”.

Sharapova regained her beautiful figure after giving birth

In 2020, Maria Sharapova announced her retirement from tennis, after 19 years of playing professionally, the “Russian Doll” tennis player has won 5 Grand Slams and once held the No. 1 position in the world. The tennis player born in 1987 was also the number 1 “Miss” of the tennis village when she was still competing.

Maria Sharapova confidently works as a photo model in France

Farewell to her football career, Sharapova focused on her business career and spent time with the man of her life, British businessman Alexander Gilkes. The couple “talented boys and girls” together celebrate the sacred moment, in July “Russian Doll” gave birth to their first child.

Being a mother but not forgetting her duties, a few weeks after giving birth, “Russian Doll” returned to practice and after just over 2 months she regained her lovely figure like when she was in competition.

On Instagram, Masha updates the latest pictures showing her spending time traveling with friends and family and getting back to modeling.

A few days after traveling in Greece, 1m88 long legs appeared in France, working as a brand model for an automobile brand. The mother of one child, 35-year-old Sharapova, shows that she is not surprised to return to the work of a photo model.

Bouchard admits he is getting “older” day by day.

After the Sharapova era, Eugenie Bouchard (Canada) emerged as a “talented” beauty who could replace the Russian “elder”, but this tennis player only did something special for exactly 1 year (2014). At that time, Bouchard was ranked 5th in the world, reached the Wimbledon final and reached 2 semi-finals of the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

Bouchard playfully said that being “older” should take advantage of the competition as much as possible

Bouchard’s peak lasted only 1 year, followed by long slips. The current Canadian tennis player is mentioned more as an Instagram model than as a professional tennis player.

In 2022, Bouchard only competed in exactly 5 tournaments, but since October the 28-year-old player has played 2 tournaments. At the recently concluded Ostrava Open in the Czech Republic she was eliminated in the first round, and she competed for the first time at the Transylvania Open (Romania) starting on October 11.

“I have plans to travel all over Europe to compete. Getting a wildcard is my incentive to get into the tournament. I just want to play as many tournaments as I can before the season is over. It’s an opportunity. great for me it’s a pleasure to visit a country that i have never been to (Romania) It is quite rare for me at this stage of my career so i really appreciate it, because I’m getting old now,” said Bouchard, who will actively compete because she is getting older.

 Eugenie Bouchard, Maria Sharapova
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