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11/09/2022 19:33

Diletta Leotta: A beautiful female football reporter drops a sexy figure on the sea

Diletta Leotta – she is considered by fans to be the most beautiful female football reporter in the world, making everyone dazzled when she appeared sexy in a white bikini.

Diletta Leotta currently works as a reporter for DAZN, she constantly covers Serie A matches. After the 2021/22 season ended, she went to the Aeolian Islands to relax, rest, regenerate energy. before entering a new campaign.

The 30-year-old shared her holiday snaps on her personal Instagram page as she posed in a white bikini, relaxing in the crystal clear water on a surfboard. That picture received nearly 300,000 likes. And yet, this girl who makes many players fall in love also takes a moment to enjoy the incredible sunset on the island of Sicily.

The beauty of the most beautiful presenter in the world

Leotta is a beautiful and famous journalist in Italy and the world. Her personal page is filled with hot pictures. Perhaps because he was used to men’s obscene teasing, Leotta was quite calm and quickly responded with such a strong response.

Diletta Leotta was born on August 16, 1991. With a height of 1m75 and perfect measurements of 3 rounds, she is one of the hottest sports presenters in the country of pasta. Leotta studied Law at Luiss University in Rome and graduated in 2015.

In addition to football, Leotta also loves many other sports such as swimming, cycling, terrain moto, gym or golf. Maybe that’s why she has a body of thousands of people.

Sexy pictures of her Diletta Leotta:

 Diletta Leotta, Italy
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