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23/11/2022 13:02

Burn your eyes with the body like a supermodel of the Danish fisherman

Female swimmer Pernille Blume is receiving great attention from fans after winning the 2016 Olympic gold medal in Rio. Notably, this girl has a beautiful body like a supermodel.

Pernille Blume was born on May 14, 1994 and has just competed very successfully at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Specifically, this girl brought the Danish sports delegation a gold medal in the women’s 50m freestyle and a bronze medal in the next event. 4×100m strength.

Pernille is the third Olympic swimming gold medalist in Danish sports history after two athletes Greta Andersen (100m freestyle) and Karen Harup (100m backstroke) at the 1948 London Olympics.

Not only is Pernille rated as one of the hopes of Danish swimming in the future, but Pernille also makes many boys fall in love thanks to her lovely face and perfect body like a supermodel.

In the past, Pernille almost switched to another sport because of low self-esteem. Pernille is only 1m71 tall and has been criticized by youth team coaches. But with the will and encouragement of her family, Pernille remained attached to swimming and resulted in two medals at the last Olympics.

Pernille Blume’s fisherman face:

 Pernille Blume
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