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07/11/2022 11:38

Arteta’s Arsenal better than the unbeaten Arsenal 2003/04?

It’s time to seriously consider Arsenal as a serious candidate for the Premier League title this season after what Mikel Arteta’s teachers and students have performed since the beginning of the season. From the position of a weak team, the Gunners have now completely changed.

When the final whistle at Stamford Bridge sounded, even the most demanding fans had to admire Arsenal. Even many people feel sorry that the Gunners could not win more than the result of 1-0. Looking at the score, this is a fragile victory, but in fact it is quite certain because Arsenal did not give Chelsea any chance to protest against the threat of goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

The question is is Arsenal too strong or because Chelsea is too bad? The answer lies in each individual’s point of view. People think that Chelsea played too badly, disorganized, without any tactical pieces. Some people think that Arsenal is completely superior in each individual, and even if Chelsea are themselves, it is still difficult to beat the Gunners. All are true but instead of criticizing Chelsea poorly to downplay Arsenal’s victory, we should fairly see how Arsenal has matured tremendously over time. At Stamford Bridge, Arteta’s teachers and students are simply stronger than Chelsea in all aspects, from people, gameplay to spirit.

Before the match, Arsenal, although ranked second in the table, was still not as highly rated as Chelsea. Many people think that the Gunners can also “reveal their true face” when they have to be a guest before their toughest opponent in the Premier League, but it turns out that Graham Potter’s Chelsea are the ones who “fall off the mask” after 90. minute difference. Arteta’s Arsenal is too well organized. They always keep a reasonable squad distance, constantly swarming whenever Chelsea players have the ball and there is cohesion between the lines. Throughout the match, it can be seen that Chelsea was almost unable to get on the ball. If so, the attacks of the Blues are easily broken by Arsenal. Arsenal can lose the ball but immediately regain control as their links read the situation, judge to block extremely effective.

If in the past, the defense was Arsenal’s deathbed, now this area has become a launching pad for them to fly high. The duo of central defenders William Saliba – Gabriel Magalhaes played too firmly, the right quality of a “steel shield” in front of Ramsdale’s goal. If there is a mistake, they immediately correct it or there will be timely cover from the surrounding teammates. All create an impenetrable block. That is why Arsenal is currently the team that owns the best defense in the 2022/23 Premier League, having only had to pick up the ball 11 times. The solid defense is the most obvious thing about Arsenal’s bravery that has been forged over time under Arteta. The Gunners are no longer fragile, fragile, on the contrary, a team that is very difficult to beat.

The more Arsenal kick, the better

In midfield, Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka were like eternal engines sweeping the pitch. This duo helped Arsenal recover the ball extremely quickly, causing the midfield of Chelsea in particular and other opponents in general to crumble. Arsenal now play as a team in the true sense of the word, with each individual actively participating in the dispute and assisting in defence. Gabriel Jesus in the front line, even though he lost the 9th match in a row, was still extremely useful, not as harmless as imagined. The Brazilian striker continuously backed down to steal the ball and many times opened extremely delicious opportunities for Arsenal. Similar is the case with Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka on the flanks.

In the past, Arsenal was famous for being a weak team when facing equal opponents, but now, everything has changed. This season, the Gunners have beaten Liverpool, Tottenham and most recently Chelsea. The defeat to Man United was probably just an accident, and Arsenal are certainly aiming for big things this season. After 13 rounds in the Premier League 2022/23, Arsenal has collected 34 points, a score higher than what the “Invincible Arsenal” team in the 2003/04 season did at the same period (33). Obviously, Arteta is building for Arsenal a play with embroidered flowers and brocade, along with that is the certainty in the defense.

“We are contenders for the title today. But in football, today and tomorrow are a different story. So just enjoy it. It’s a great thing to see the team progress. one step further We’ve been under pressure because we’ve lost the top spot We were prepared to come here (Stamford Bridge) and win, but the whole team understands it’s not going to be easy. really happy because the players have completed the task,” said coach Arteta.

Indeed, it is time to see Arsenal as serious candidates for the Premier League title this season. The season is still very long with many challenges ahead. However, with forged bravery, the Gunners are fully capable of competing fairly with Man City in the race to the throne. It would be great if at the end of the season, Arteta’s teachers and students become the kings of English football after almost 2 decades of waiting.


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