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13/09/2022 12:28

Alex Morgan’s angelic beauty

Not only possessing talent in king sports, Alex Morgan also has a beautiful appearance like a goddess..

Alex Morgan, full name is Alexandra Patricia Morgan Carrasco, she was born on July 2, 1989 and is currently a player of Orlando Pride Club, of the US women’s national football league. With his talent, Alex Morgan is also playing for the US women’s national team and takes on the role of captain.

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During his career, Alex Morgan has won many noble titles with the national team, especially the World Cup championship, the Olympic gold medal in women’s football and the title of best player in 2018.

Not only possessing talent in the sport of kings, Alex Morgan is also impressed by his extremely beautiful appearance. She has also been invited by many famous magazines to be photographed and performed as well as professional models.

At this year’s Women’s World Cup, Alex Morgan will be an important factor in the US squad with the goal of defending the championship.

Let’s take a look at the ravishing images of Alex Morgan, the US women’s national football team:

 Alex Morgan, Olympic
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