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08/11/2022 10:35

A perfect drink to beautify the skin, purify the body this winter

Green tea as a specialized ingredient in skin care products as well as weight loss, body purification

As temperatures drop, for healthy skin this fall and winter, you can choose a delicious hot beverage that also supports smoother, younger-looking skin. Let’s find out a hot drink for beautiful young skin that you can enjoy every day.

Proper hydration is key to health and skin. In addition to water, one drink that can help keep skin youthful and glowing is green tea, according to Dr. Dinopol.

“This hot drink has been a holy grail for health enthusiasts and dermatologists for decades,” says Dr. Dinopol. “Although I don’t recommend drinking tea first thing in the morning (to avoid digestive issues and reflux), drinking green tea helps reduce puffiness and bloating thanks to its diuretic and caffeine effects. Tannins and catechins enhance the skin’s immunity and resilience from UV radiation (in combination with daily sunscreen application, of course). Furthermore, green tea contains polyphenols that are believed to regulate oil production and may reduce the damage caused by acne.”

Green tea is also rich in vitamins E and B2, both of which help maintain healthy levels of collagen in the skin. But the antioxidant it contains is worth noting is called EGCG, and it is the one that can fight DNA damage caused by UV rays.

“If you find that this is not your cup of tea, you can try adding lemon and honey at first to get used to the bitter taste,” says Dr. Dinopol. “Both are known to be antioxidants that promote skin health.”

Experts recommend drinking three to five cups of green tea a day to reap its benefits. Keep in mind that a cup of green tea contains about 28 mg of caffeine, about half the caffeine of black tea, but you should still be careful not to disrupt your sleep with too much caffeine late in the afternoon or late afternoon.

As you’re brewing green tea cups this fall and winter, don’t fall asleep with the benefits of green tea as a specialized ingredient in skin care products. Increasing the amount of caffeine from green tea in your eye cream can wake up tired eyes. In addition, the green tea in moisturizers and serums also acts as a powerful moisturizing ingredient.

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