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13/09/2022 12:48

5 beautiful women like “fairies come to earth”, “beat” the beauty of VanZant women

Martial arts woman Paige VanZant is very beautiful, but she can be overshadowed by 5 women in the boxing event with bare hands.

On August 20 in London (UK), the beauty of the American martial arts village Paige VanZant competed in the BKFC 27 bare-handed boxing event with her compatriot Charisa Sigala. It is known that this is the third bare-handed boxing competition of the 28-year-old beauty VanZant, before that she played two matches but lost all of them.

…promising to overshadow the beauty of the martial arts woman VanZant

In the first hand-to-hand boxing competition on February 5, 2021, VanZant lost to Britain Hart by scoring after 5 innings. In the last battle, the most beautiful woman in the martial arts village lost to Rachael Ostovich by scoring on July 23, 2021.

Taking a break from playing for more than a year, VanZant was determined to return, looking for his first win in the new arena, but Sigala is not an easy opponent to play. The 38-year-old female boxer competed in 4 matches at BKFC winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 2.

In addition to expertise, the audience also talked about the beauty of the two female boxers and the ring-girl (the girl holding the board, the sea) of the event. Sigala has a good beauty, and VanZant is likened to a “Miss” martial arts, but both can be outdone by the beautiful ring-girl of BKFC 27.

In this event, 5 fiery-dressed girls can attract all eyes of the audience, many martial arts competition situations can be “missed” because of the beauty of 5 beauties.

Beauty Amber Fields

Beauty Kaitlyn Bertrand

Kaitlyn describes herself as a real estate broker from Florida (USA), with both Italian and Scottish blood.
Kaitlyn not only works for BKFC but also does shows with ProBox TV, founded by former boxers Roy Jones Jr, Antonio Tarver and Paulie Malignaggi. American Beauty is a magazine cover for men.

Beauty Luana Moa

Luana, from Florida (USA), is a model, actress and ring-girl. She works for BKFC but also works alongside Kaitlyn for ProBox TV.
Moa won the title of Miss HIN Atlanta 2022.

Beauty Harley Cameron

Harley is a singer, actress and model from Florida
In addition to working for BKFC, Harley recently signed a contract to promote professional wrestling AEW.
Her life partner, Xyon Quinn, real name is Daniel Sean Vidot, a former professional rugby player who is currently a WWE wrestler.
 Kaitlyn, Paige VanZant
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